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Abe Vigoda Is Everywhere And Nowhere

July 11, 2008

We didn’t go see FADER 55ers Abe Vigoda in Baltimore on Wednesday. We almost did, but couldn’t and were burned pretty bad by it. Instead we sat in our apartment and angrily housed Chinese delivery and thought about what we would be doing if we were there and it sucked. But thanks to some guy named Jeff Mewbourn and Aural States, their whole set is available online, so we can go home and put it on real loud and maybe invite some people over and pretend it’s three days ago and we’re in Baltimore. Or not, because that would be really pathetic and we can just go see them for real tonight at South Street Seaport (with No Age and Telepathe) or tomorrow at The Yard (with High Places and basically every other band ever) or Sunday at Mercury Lounge and it’ll be way more awesome.

Stream or Download: Abe Vigoda Live in Baltimore

Posted: July 11, 2008
Abe Vigoda Is Everywhere And Nowhere