Exclusive Freeload: Growing, “Innit” + Get Weird With IUD Tonight

July 17, 2008

Usually, putting limitations on yourself helps you create some wild shit. Brooklyn’s Growing use only two guitars and move from quick percussive punches to expansive blooms of fuzzy ambience that eventually envelope the entire song. The lack of drums, or any other instrument, makes Growing’s music sound out there, but their attempts—furthered with each album—to create something approaching structure and beauty out of clipped noise frequently result in totally not embarrassing moments of fist pumping from dudes and ladies like us.

“Innit” from their upcoming album All The Way (out September 9th on Social Registry) is a perfect example of this, with Joe Denardo and Kevin Doriain's guitars emulating drums and something that sounds like an underwater xylophone. Basically, Growing provoke a lot of “DUDE—DUDE!—Dude…” moments, also known as Epic Stoner Visionquests Into The Heart Of Music. If all that sounds like your thing, hit the New Museum tonight to catch Growing play the final Get Weird of the summer along with Gang Gang Dance side project I.U.D.

Download: Growing, "Innit"

Posted: July 17, 2008
Exclusive Freeload: Growing, “Innit” + Get Weird With IUD Tonight