On The Street: Models Have Style Too

July 17, 2008

We rarely shoot models—as in fashion models with agents and beauty campaigns etc—for the fashion pages. But every now and again we like to get fancy with it, like back in Issue #51 when photographer Martina Hoogland of Prada fame shot a bunch of young models in their homes. Martina (yes another Martina!) is signed to Supreme and was one of our favorite models. She's from Argentina and has a real lovely warmth about her, a very sparkly spirit. We ran into her quite randomly in SoHo wearing a pale pink skirt layered like the petals of a rose—cleverly paired with a grey tank and white plimsolls to take a wee bit of the edge off the prettiness. It reminded us that even though the golden days of giant models with actually personalities like Naomi, Linda, Christy and Kate, are pretty much dead, there are still models out there that can hold their own when it comes to swagger.

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On The Street
Posted: July 17, 2008
On The Street: Models Have Style Too