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Prancehall’s Bass Odyssey, Part 24

July 17, 2008

Wiley: "Yeah, you know Kanye, yeah?"
Stoned friend: "Yeah ..."
Wiley: "You know my man sampled Daft Punks, yeah?"
Stoned friend: "Yeah ..."
Wiley: "What if I sampled Daft Punks?"
Stoned friend: "Er ..."
Wiley: "What if Wiley sampled Daft Punks?"
Stoned friend: "Er ..."
Wiley: "That would be a lot you know"
Stoned friend: "Yeah, that would be a lot. Pass the lighter."

This is the conversation I imagined when I first heard Wiley's new Daft Punk-sampling single, below.

Wiley, "Summertime" (radio rip)

In my humble (but ultimately correct) opinion it's usually wiser to get an urban Philistine to interview rappers because you can get much more insight into what the artist is really like this way. Who needs one of those faux urban fan boys masturbating rappers' egos (Tim Westwood, I'm sorry but you are slightly implicated in this) and asking them to reel off a list of other rappers they may potentially one day work with?

To prove my point, watch below as Wiley reveals something he has never revealed before—that he is a "weather forecastman" (which I'm guessing is a cross between a weather man and weather forecaster. We will glaze over the fact that these two titles describe the exact same job, for now).

To further support my theory, cast your eyes over the following interview with Kano, where he exclusively tells the world he will be working on a single with the S Club Juniors. Does DJ Cameo get this sort of information out of his interviewees? The answer is no, he doesn't.

I received Roll Deep's new album this week. It's taking a while to digest—it's currently stuck in my Pyloric sphincter awaiting passage into my small intestine—but should be ready for a smooth, odourless, sausage-shaped review next week. In preparation for that, check this recent Roll Deep freestyle—complete with latest member J2K—on Westwood's 1Xtra show. Bye for now.

Prancehall’s Bass Odyssey, Part 24