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Freeload: Mr Martelo’s Fancy Mixtapes

July 23, 2008

In the Jedi Mind Pix section of FADER #55, we described guest picker Mr Martelo thusly:

You could try to call him on his landline in London this summer, but he wouldn't answer; Mr Martelo's iCal is booked through fall as Santogold's worldwide touring DJ. We'd hire him, too, after hearing his mega-'naners productions of house, breakbeats, bassline and extra creative refixes (Rick Ross reimagined as heavy, foggy dubstep, oh hell yeahs).

Which did absolutely no justice to his hair. Neither does the above photo of Martelo with our girl Kesh but it does serve to illustrate their friendship, a friendship that resulted in a "mega-'naners" mixtape of all kinds of boogie music called Do You All Have Your 3-D Glasses?. Get it below, along with another mix from Mr Martelo by his lone self for a Nike fashion show, recently pointed in our direction by Trinitron.

Download: Kesh & Mr Martelo's Do You All Have Your 3-D Glasses? Mix

Download: Mr Martelo's Nike Catwalk Mix

Posted: July 23, 2008
Freeload: Mr Martelo’s Fancy Mixtapes