Freeload: Cyclones, “Mama” + “Suck Your Thumb Dumb”

July 28, 2008

It's always fun finding a band hidden in the internet. That's why we were happy to find London's Cyclones, who we discovered on an adventure through the Myspace Hedge Maze (We started at Fuck Buttons and blazed through like thirty walls of noise bands to get there, got a little scared when we saw the the lead singer doing a serious chest hair showcase and wearing flip-flops with jeans, but decided to go with it anyway.) It doesn't look like Cyclones are coming through the US anytime soon, but they are playing the MARIE CURIE CANCER RESEARCH CHARITY GIG (capitalization theirs) on August 20th in London. Weird Times for a good cause.

Download: Cyclones, "Mama"

Download: Cyclones, "Suck Your Thumb Dumb"

Posted: July 28, 2008
Freeload: Cyclones, “Mama” + “Suck Your Thumb Dumb”