Freeload: Ricky Blaze, “How Mi Look” + “Let It Fall”

July 28, 2008

It's been awhile since we've heard much new from young Ricky, but apparently that's just because we were just checking his MySpace page and not the entire Fire Unit/Rolling Stones contingent, which as far as we can tell includes half of Brooklyn. But we are diligent and found these new joints along with a bunch of others at Rolling Stones, Fire Unit Squad (Dutty Fridaze Riddim = nuts), Merital Family, and Chelley's spots for you. It's a lot. As is the above video going along with "How Mi Look" with tons of nice moves from Fresh Prince (not the one you're thinking of) and a devastating finishing move by the inimitable Skerrit Bwoy, who, we shit you not, has taken to wearing a kung fu outfit and doing spinning roundhouses over girls' backsides. And as if that's not enough, you can read read our Ricky Blaze feature from FADER 53 right here.

Download: Ricky Blaze f. Fresh Prince, "How Mi Look"

Download: Ricky Blaze f. Chelly, "Let It Fall"

Ricky Blaze, "Attention"

Freeload: Ricky Blaze, “How Mi Look” + “Let It Fall”