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On The Street: Out On A Limb

July 28, 2008

While out one night, we saw a man in one of those crisp white oval old lady hats that sit atop your head like a tiered cake. We're all for going out on a limb, but this seemed a bit contrived. It could have been because the man was also in a full tailored suit with bow tie and the hat threw off the whole continuity of the look.

When this On the Street showed up in our inbox, the old lady apparel on a man theme was brought up again. This sleepy eyed gentleman has mixed and matched what seems like all the old lady pieces from his closet and crafted it into something truly strange. The mis-matching of prints and colors, the paisley with the blue and white polk-a-dot and the brown slippers, but it works. He didn't go halfway with a Sunday bonnet and a suit, he went all-out with a cracked-out grandma silhouette, and for that we have to praise him.

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On The Street
Posted: July 28, 2008
On The Street: Out On A Limb