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Freeload: Ciara f. Ludacris, “High Price”

July 29, 2008

"Oh" by Ciara featuring Ludacris was the best R&B/rap matchup of 2004. Sorry, there is no arguing with us. It just was. Sometimes we wake ourselves up in the middle of the night because we are singing it in our sleep. More often than not, when we are awake, we like to pretend we are Ciara in the "Oh" video and climb on cars to do a little booty pop, just because we can. Cece and Chris B. are the perfect teamsters, ATL scene royalty with copious amounts of attitude and personality, at least when you put a beat in front of them. FURTHERMORE, this track, allegedly from Ciara's forthcoming third album Fantasy Ride*, is produced by frequent The-Dream collaborator Tricky Stewart, whose D we are unashamedly JOCKING (um, have you heard The-Dream's album? dude. dude. dude). Ciara sounds like she has been rehearsing with the Metropolitan Opera vocal coach and it is BAD. TO. THA. BONE. Yeah we said it.

*Sidebar: Fantasy Ride is in competition with Lloyd's Love Spaceship as the best title of 2008. We are waiting to see what Kellz comes up with for his post-acquittal jernt before we make a firm decision (oh nevermind), but we encourage all artists to stay imagineering. Space and fantasy are both preeeetty safe bets.

Download: Ciara f. Ludacris, "High Price"

Freeload: Ciara f. Ludacris, “High Price”