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FADER TV: Sebastien Tellier Live In NYC + Photo Tour Blog, Part 1

July 31, 2008

If you have yet to make yourself familiar with the particularly French and peculiarly seductive Sebastien Tellier, shame on you. Dirty dirty shame on you. He is nine million times more interesting than Carla Bruni and ten billion times hotter. And you know what else? No way in hell is Ms Bruni ever getting a guest blog on The FADER, but Tellier can post whatever he wants. In the case of his exclusive photo tour blog for us, he wants to post photos of his friends (French dudes named Cha-Cha) and our friends (Lana) having fun in LA. He's now in NYC and we saw him last night at Hiro Ballroom where he proceeded to give us everything he had (…) and more (…) and we caught some of it on video for you. The clip above is Sebastien and Cha-Cha and another fellow performing the shit out of "Kilometer" from his new album Sexuality (now available only at American Apparel). Check dudes lamé! And check Sebastien's photos after the jump.


Like Randy Newman, WE LOVE LA Sebastien and his girlfriend Amandine
enjoy the most welcoming city in the world.


Cha-Cha is Sebastien's keyboardist, is very concentrated testing his
Moog before the Knitting Factory show.


Loads of cool Angelenos show up at the crazy flea-market imagined by
American Apparel


The two people responsible for the great AA / TELLIER collaboration:
Matt Werth from Viva radio and Stephane Elfassi from French label
Record Makers.


The aftershow is in the actual AA factory. We discover the VIVA RADIO
T-shirts with his Jesus face.


Fun time with our friend Lana from the Directors Bureau for the
shooting of the infamous Lana Show in Roman Coppola's orange Lotus.

FADER TV: Sebastien Tellier Live In NYC + Photo Tour Blog, Part 1