On The Street: London Boys

July 31, 2008

Some days we sit around and wonder: What are dudes in the UK looking like these days? So when friends from across the pond emailed us pictures of sullen-looking Peckham South London blonde boys (natural and bottled), it gave a little late '90s nostalgia for Trainspotting, and more specifically the character Sick Boy played by Johnny Lee Miller bka Angelina Jolie's starter-husband. Miller sort of fell off a bit after Angelina stopped wearing shirts with his name scrawled in blood across the back, but back then he was pretty smoldering even with all the peroxide. We once spotted him post-Angelina looking pretty lost and grubby, roaming around a picnic for Sadie Frost in a dirty-looking Barbour jacket. Oh how the cute have fallen! Some things though — like pirate hoop earrings (one ear only) and Reebok Classics — will be South London style staples forever, and for this we are grateful.

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On The Street
Posted: July 31, 2008
On The Street: London Boys