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Freeload: Young Jeezy, “Crazy World”

August 06, 2008

Jeezy doesn't get mad, he gets money. We've been over this. In these times, though, the question is how? People are struggling to the point of submitting to their worst inclinations and he's releasing songs like "Crazy World" that are going to make them feel like they can rob banks unarmed. That is reckless. There's also plenty more where that came from as we found out this past Monday when we previewed the majority of The Recession. Comparing recent economic woe to a drought in the traps, Jeezy feels practiced in hard times, and far be it from us to argue. Throughout the album, he raps with unbridled emotion and is cocksure in his own might, so much so that one editor compared his somehow even raspier voice to knives.

Download: Young Jeezy, "Crazy World"

Posted: August 06, 2008
Freeload: Young Jeezy, “Crazy World”