Department of Corrections: Bulgarian vs Gregorian Chants

August 13, 2008

Our loyal readers over at Homo Ridiculus heard our clarion call requesting more information behind Werner Herzog's Encounters and the End of the World soundtrack and managed to slake our curiosity with a surprising lesson in Bulgarian vs. Gregorian chants. It seems that we have been mistakenly identifying the two (sorry chant lovers!). If you don't know the difference, apparently it has something to do with being part of the monastic circle, having the male chromosomes, and being in the correct geographical region. As a form of apology, we are presenting you here with a track we think appeared in the film (keep sending us your tips!) and some intense Bulgarian choir song with an impressive "41 voices instead of the normal 20-something."

Sample "Listini Se Goro" by The Bulgarian Voices - Angelite here

Download: The Beginning and the End" composed by Yasunori Mitsuda and performed by the Great Bulgarian Voices choir

Posted: August 13, 2008
Department of Corrections: Bulgarian vs Gregorian Chants