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Freeload: Who Is Kidd Kidd?

August 13, 2008

Wayne is getting a reputation for collecting talented rappers and then kind of just forgetting about them. We're sincerely hoping the Kidd Kidd—who we stumbled upon in a couple of songs leaked late last week—won't be the latest of which. Kidd Kidd was at one time one fourth of Wayne's old Sqad Up crew, but these new songs bring up a whole slew of questions other than the whereabouts of Gudda, Supe and Young Yo: Is there a Sqad Up reunion on the horizon? Is Kidd Kidd the most uncreative rap name ever? The closest thing he has to a MySpace page is the old Sqad Up page, but the bright side to that is that now we have an excuse to link this old Sqad Up freestyle where a considerably younger Kidd, then known as Nutt the Kidd, easily outshines all of Sqad Up until around the two minute mark where Wayne actually outshines the sun.

Download: Kidd Kidd f. Lil Wayne, "Real Shit"

Download: Kidd Kidd f. Lil Wayne, "My Nigga"

Freeload: Who Is Kidd Kidd?