On The Street: Buffalo Stance

August 19, 2008

These days '80s fashion gets misinterpreted a whole lot (ie loud and garish tees splashed with boomboxes. Tsk tsk!), but it's partly because most the kids doing the reinterpreting were actually still rolling around in diapers at the time, poor things. There were actually plenty of fashion pioneers around at the time, of which British stylist Ray Petri was probably one of the most prolific. In his brief career he solidified what would become known as Buffalo Style, a movement that was a combo of all things street and high fashion, with a little post-punk rude-bwoy flavor thrown in for good measure. More than anything Buffalo embodied a certain kind of attitude and hard-edged swagger, and this dude we spotted in BK this past weekend reminded us a little of that awesome spirit. His look also obviously owes a little to the carefree days of early the '90s, back when R&B singers were actually cool — the shirt could be straight out of D'Wayne Wiggins wardrobe circa 1993. We're also wondering if dude tracked down Shabba Ranks old barber for his awesome haircut.

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On The Street
Posted: August 19, 2008
On The Street: Buffalo Stance