Stylee Fridays: JFW Comes To NYC

August 22, 2008

If we were indeed fully-fledged stylee ladies/gents of leisure, we would probably just spend the best part of our days fashion week-hopping — Copenhagen, Paris, São Paulo and perhaps a quick pitstop in Guadalajara in between to pick up a little Mexican vintage. Japan Fashion Week opens in Tokyo next month, an event that might have slipped through our nets had it not been for the JFW warm-up at Ahola Rag in New York earlier this week — a little taste of what's in store. An outfit that caught our eye right from the jump that night was a look from Ato's Fall 08 — a cozy monochrome plaid coat offset with a pair of cartoonish-but-amazing heeled pastel hiking boots. Just as gorgeous was an orange and black winter dress with epaulettes from GVGV. After a little post-event research though, on the 45 or so designers that will be showcasing their wares that week, we would probably put our money on Eri Utsugi's Tokyo-based label Mercibeaucoup.

Utsugi, a timid-looking lady with an artfully lopsided bowl cut, started the line a few years ago and Mercibeaucoup (yes this does mean thank you very much in French) has been a staple of JFW since 2006. Her last show had all the models styled out with Pokemon hair — like big white cream puff wigs! — to give you a little idea of the collection's playfulness. There were also jumbo bows on billowy cropped plaid pants for the ladies with equally fetching grey sailor pants 'n' suspenders for the boys, clothes that find themselves somewhere between early 20th century sad-faced clowns and next millennium mutants.

Our fashion leisure status is, alas, still a work-in-progress, so while we may not be able to enjoy the Mercibeaucoup Spring 09 in person this time around, suffice to say, we'll be keeping a very keen eye (online at least) on what she cooks up come show time September 1st and dearly hoping it involves more star-shaped hair hats.

L-R: GVGV, Ato


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Stylee Fridays
Posted: August 22, 2008
Stylee Fridays: JFW Comes To NYC