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Video: Learn To Dance Like Usain Bolt With Elephant Man

August 25, 2008

If you watched the closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics yesterday, you saw the incredible dancing styles of London's mayor Boris Johnson during the the Olympic flag handover. It was honestly nice to see someone more nervous onstage than we would have been, doing the pee pee dance and sticking his hands in the pockets of his unbuttoned suit jacket while roughly 1 billion people watched on television. So good. So promising for a truly bizarre and tacky London 2012 Games.

What you didn't see during the closing ceremonies was the incredible dancing of Jamaican sprinter Usain "Lightning" Bolt, which he'd displayed moments after his 200-meter thrashing of the regular human beings representing the rest of the world. At first we thought he had an ingrown toenail or was having a short-circuit in his transformer legs, but he was apparently a little shuffle now known forever as the "Lightning Bolt" thanks to the Energy God. In the video above, learn the dance from Elephant Man, and below, hear the "Usain Bolt Remix" of his "Nuh Linga." And if you're in Zürich, Switzerland this Friday (why not?), you can watch Usain Bolt run and dance in person.

Elephant Man, "Nuh Linga (Usain Bolt Remix)"

Video: Learn To Dance Like Usain Bolt With Elephant Man