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On the Street: London Floral

September 02, 2008

With summer winding down and fall just on the horizon, we thought why not revisit our earlier rendezvous with floral pieces to revive our weary spirits? Looking to the streets has always been an inspiring method for us when trying to meld the seasons into each other. No doubt the afternoons are still beautiful and our shoulders are glowing from weekends on sandy beaches, but realistically we know chilly evenings are approaching. In London, where the unlucky locals experience a slightly shorter summer season, we found this bobbed lady’s floral print and gladiators resembling everything about summer we love, yet her outfit has all the characteristics of fall. Adding a longer length floral shape and a jean jacket is a sure way to keep those goose bumps away when heading out for an evening of play. We’re betting that’s just the clever thinking she used when deciding to be our fall floral muse.

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On The Street
Posted: September 02, 2008
On the Street: London Floral