On The Street: A Touch Of Surf

September 03, 2008

There are some fundamentals about men's fashion that should probably be observed all the time — never overwork a look ie for God's sake don't make it seem like you spent half the morning in front of the mirror tweaking your bowtie/pocket square/turn-up even if you did. It's why surf culture and its sartorial hallmarks fit so snugly into that spirit of effortlessness, like this dude and his sun-bleached, aqua print shirt and artfully lopped off sleeves. And even though there are other awesome zero-effort points to be tallied — the beat-up vans and pants casually rolled up just so — there are actually quite a few carefully orchestrated style statements going on here. For one, the man jewelry is astonishingly detailed, like jangling man trinkets looped on a sawn-off bandana for a chain and equally clever sailor friendship bracelets. There's a level of styling here that obviously took some thought, but somehow it still looks like all the things that are making this outfit work were randomly scrapped off the floor of this dude's nerdy lair, possibly just minutes before this very picture was taken.

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On The Street
Posted: September 03, 2008
On The Street: A Touch Of Surf