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Freeload: Afrikan Boy, “African Warrior (Remix)” + “Flap Your Clothing”

September 04, 2008

Ever since he appeared on MIA's "Hussel" from Kala and reappeared on his own "One Day I Went To Lidl", we have been waiting for more of the offbeat lyrical stylings of Afrikan Boy. Well, apparently he has a new mixtape called Can of Whoopass, Vol. 1: The Rise of Captain Africa coming out soon and has posted a couple songs from it on his MySpace. The first is him over Donaeo's funky house jam "African Warrior," which appeared in Prancehall's Bass Odyssey in a Marcus Nasty 1Xtra playlist, and the second has him chatting dancesteps on top of Bablee's "Bablee Samuz" which we talked about here a little bit ago. Enjoy both and pick up that tape on or around October 1st.

Download: Afrikan Boy, "African Warrior (Remix)"

Download: Afrikan Boy, "Flap Your Clothing"

Posted: September 04, 2008
Freeload: Afrikan Boy, “African Warrior (Remix)” + “Flap Your Clothing”