Contest: Koushik x Stones Throw Prize Pack

September 05, 2008

We've come up with a new term to describe Koushik's Out My Window LP coming out in September on Stones Throw: Crushing Hangover Soul. We used to think he was more ideal for the actual experience, but his soft voice, blissful sampling and mellow drums are in fact much better for dealing the day after. However, Koushik made a special mix for The FADER that might be more up your Friday night alley—madcap jazz fusion, Quasimoto, Endless Summer surf ballads, psych funk and Rush. We're having a hard time focusing just listening to it right now, so be careful. To sweeten the deal, we've got a special contest set up with Stones Throw and iMeem in which you can win the following freebies:

Koushik's Out My Window LP on CD/Vinyl

"Lying in the Sun" 7-inch

Fan Club 45 7-inch

Stones Throw T-Shirt

All you have to do is embed the mix below on your MySpace, blog, website, or whatever and send a link to that embed to Imeem Contests to win. Good luck. Stay free.

Koushik's FADER Mix

Contest: Koushik x Stones Throw Prize Pack