Stylee Fridays: Lorick’s Spring 2009 Wonderland

September 05, 2008

Ask any fashion person in New York how they are doing at the moment and they will probably say something like this: "Oh I'm shattered, I really should have worn flats and I'm surviving on three Kombuchas a day. It's fashion week darling, snooooze!" But you kind of had to leave all the nonchalance, any waves of exhaustion or other feelings of fashion fatigue at the door of Lorick's Spring '09 presentation yesterday evening.

Stepping on to the set of "A Room of One's Own", we honestly did feel like giddy Alice pilgrims who'd accidently stumbled on a trapdoor into Wonderland. There were Lorick ladies lounging in varying states of gorgeous disarray everywhere, and as the Virgina Woolf inspired title for the show suggests, the space was divided into amazing mini-fantasy lands. Beehive-ready girls in fluffy pink tulle skirts scoffing cupcakes in their Pleasantville-gone-wild kitchen were tucked in one corner, while slightly disheveled duchess types sauntered across a croquet lawn in pristine pussybow shirts and high-waisted pants in another. The awe-inspiring set was a three-way collaboration between Lorick art director Roanne Adams, set designer Peter Klein and designer Abigail Lorick. Their world of ultimate lady-like turmoil played a clever a tug of war with all the beautiful elegant tailoring that Lorick is quickly becoming known for, and just like Wonderland, tangibly feeling that tingly tension is about as awesome and topsy turvy as fashion gets.

We only wish we could have got our Robert Palmer on in the demolition corner, put on some red lips, pulled on a slinky black Spring '09 number and picked up a sledge hammer with the rest of the Lorick ladies.

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Stylee Fridays
Posted: September 05, 2008
Stylee Fridays: Lorick’s Spring 2009 Wonderland