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Video: Ryan Leslie f. Cassie & Fabolous, “Addiction”

September 08, 2008

Damn, you can actually see the resentment on Ryan Leslie's face that Cassie is not in this video singing the hook. We went to Leslie's MySpace to see if he'd posted a blog or YouTube crossing her off his BFF list, but there is not even the hint of an acknowledgment. Oh well, at least Fabolous showed up. Here's what Leslie did say about the video:

We've made it to a second single and video! You called, you requested, you supported, and very soon, you'll get the first of 2 videos for "Addiction". One look and you'll notice I'm not wearing a tuxedo or even a suit in the clip. Director Diane Martel assured me that this one should be all about the beauty of simplicity. Fabolous flew in from LA to perform his verse, and since he was rockin' the aviators (my staple shape), I had to switch the shade game up and hit 'em with the vintage Maui Jim wayfarers.

Posted: September 08, 2008
Video: Ryan Leslie f. Cassie & Fabolous, “Addiction”