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RCRD LBL: Deerhunter, “Little Kids”

September 09, 2008

In our next issue we discuss the heartbreaking leakage of Deerhunter's Microcastle because we felt guilty about our frothy-mouthed downloading of it the minute it hit the internet. We are not immune. The album is still not officially due for a couple months (pre-order it now), and ironically, having had the mp3s for a couple months already, we are starting to get excited about it again. One of the reasons is "Little Kids," up now on RCRD LBL. So, starting now, you can begin to substitute each illegally downloaded track on the album with legally downloaded tracks and then fill in the blanks when you rip your purchased album. It's the future. Deerhunter, the human beings, will be at New York's La Poisson Rouge tonight.

Download: Deerhunter, "Little Kids"

Posted: September 09, 2008
RCRD LBL: Deerhunter, “Little Kids”