On The Street: Shades of Grey

September 24, 2008

When we say shades of grey, what we actually mean is black, white, grey and basically the whole non-color spectrum, a sartorial zone we never really fuck with at all. So sad, so faded. As fall creeps on in though, these colors—or non-colors—will inevitably become more seasonally-appropriate whether we like it or not. In our opinion grey, white, or black usually works best as a foil to a much brighter hue (add a bright yellow scarf perhaps or some hot pink shoes!), so it's always admirable to see folks working a typically somber palette all by itself.

This gentleman in head-to-toe grey suiting is making a good case for grey as a viable, even intellectual color option—holding it down as he is so nicely with all the toneage (seriously, take a second look at the piping on those all-grey shoes), like the elegant but downright dastardly character in a Charlie Chaplin flick.

All black on the other hand, is all about texture, just as Emily our model friend here knows. The silky panelling on the dress and subtle transparent chiffon sleeves is the key to this outfit's vavavoom.

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On The Street
Posted: September 24, 2008
On The Street: Shades of Grey