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Audio/Video: The Muslims Have A New Seven Inch

September 25, 2008

Is it weird to like something that reminds us of taking a shot full of cigarette butts and whiskey? Not that we've done that, but The Muslims' blurry, disaffected rock reminds us of New York rock when the The Strokes were the biggest band ever, and also Spacemen 3 minus the reverb and plus a bunch of dirt. Not coincidentally, there is also a cover of Spacemen 3's "Walking With Jesus" on the flip side of their "Parasites"/"Walking with Jesus" 7-inch, out October 7th on I Hate Rock N' Roll. Also, watch the video above if you are into watching bands that look really bored with being on stage, which is something we actually enjoy.

Stream: The Muslims, "Parasites"/"Walking with Jesus" 7-inch

Posted: September 25, 2008
Audio/Video: The Muslims Have A New Seven Inch