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Freeload: Ratatat, “Shempi (Zongamin Remix)”

September 25, 2008

If we learned anything during our recent Staycation with Ratatat (watch it above) it's that they can be interesting even when their sound is obscured by unexpected noises. Zongamin is markedly more musically gifted than a couple of creaky rowboat oars, but hopefully you get the point of our poorly constructed metaphor. His remix changes "Shempi" noticeably, but the strength remains Ratatat's crazy melody. The remix and the original are available now at Beggars.

Download: Ratatat, "Shempi (Zongamin Remix)" (via Have Fun Club and GvsB)

Posted: September 25, 2008
Freeload: Ratatat, “Shempi (Zongamin Remix)”