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FADER TV: Open Bar with The Stills

September 26, 2008

Every couple of weeks we meet up with some of our favorite artists at Heathers Bar in the East Village. They play songs while everyone else ties on one.

Tim Fletcher and Dave Hamelin of The Stills stopped in to play an intense acoustic rendition of "Eastern Europe"—from their latest album and first for Arts & Crafts Oceans Will Rise—for us last week. Stills keyboardist Liam O'Neill was there too celebrating a birthday, or trying to uncelebrate it from the night before at least. The night after they joined us, the band played an excellent show at Bowery Ballroom and reminded us yet again to wonder why they are so underrated. See if you agree, when they hit the western US in October with the newly dandified Kings of Leon, where hopefully they won't have to watch those dudes have fiery sex on the tour bus.

Posted: September 26, 2008
FADER TV: Open Bar with The Stills