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Style: T-Post T-Shirts

September 29, 2008

Bred from the concept that t-shirts inspire conversation—a theory we proved true in F56 by examining the band t-shirt resurgence—T-Post, a virtual T-shirt magazine, has released a series of specially designed shirts based on weird newspaper articles. Editor-in-Chief Peter Lundgren composes each t-shirt by printing the news article on the interior and the corresponding graphic interpretation on the exterior.

Our favorite of the group is titled “For Those in Fear of the Lake of Fire,” and is based on a story about a major in the south of France who bans death because he’s run out of cemetery space and a strangely connected Denmark town who bans the lakes of hell The graphic is poppy and bright, geometric and playful, and isjust inviting enough that we thought, Hey, that lake of fire doesn’t look so bad after all.”

Posted: September 29, 2008
Style: T-Post T-Shirts