Freeload: Wavves, “So Bored”

October 02, 2008

As of today, it's officially crispy in New York, so we are seeking one last summer solace with the California crust-pop of San Diego's Wavves. As you might expect from a SoCal band named after ocean motion, this shit sounds like a living version of Thrilla Gorilla & Da' Boys. As you might not expect, it is made by one kid named Nathan who has a classic rap blog called Ghost Ramp. Wavves has a self-titled LP coming out in about a month on Woodsist, and a follow up in 2009 on De Stijl which will include "So Bored" and "Wavves" which is also ridiculously great and streaming on his MySpace.

Download: Wavves, "So Bored"

(from No Pain in Pop via GvsB)
Stream: Wavves, "Wavves"

Posted: October 02, 2008
Freeload: Wavves, “So Bored”