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Exclusive Freeload: Deer Tick, “Not So Dense”

October 03, 2008

Deer Tick subscribe to the Castanets school of folk music, which is basically: Shit is bleak. They reflect that in every aspect of their music, from singer John McCauley's perpetually ragged yelp on down to every single drum hit. That's not to say the band completely abandons actual melody and catchy songwriting in favor of catharsis—many of the songs on War Elephant could actually soundtrack a really dark romantic comedy. Deer Tick begins a massive tour tonight supporting Jenny Lewis for a couple dates before hitting the road with The Felice Brothers, followed by the re-release of their debut album War Elephant in November, from which we've been given "Not So Dense."

Download: Deer Tick, "Not So Dense"

Posted: October 03, 2008
Exclusive Freeload: Deer Tick, “Not So Dense”