Ladyhawk’s European Vacation: Ladyhawk Barfs All Over The World, Part Four

October 03, 2008

When we first heard that the bros in Ladyhawk were going on a massive European tour we were like Oh weird, and then we were like, This is awesome, so we got them on the phone (we emailed them) and asked if they wanted to blog their thoughts on the tour for us. Lead singer/guitarist Duffy Driediger cautiously said "sure," and away we went. After the jump read the fourth installment from Ladyhawk's first ever European tour, and stay tuned for another installment every day until we run out.

Part 4

So we played in Dublin and everyone before hand was like, “You have to get a pint of Guinness in Dublin, it just tastes so much better…” and you know what? It actually tastes exactly the fucking same. Stayed up all night drinking with some rowdy Irish guys. I watched one of the guys snort some cocaine and then immediately pass out at the table. Never seen that before. His buddies said that it’s the same thing if he does speed or e or acid, it just instantly knocks him out.

Anyway, nice place, crawling with wasted people on a Saturday night. Actually crawling in the streets. Went and paid our respects at the Phil Lynnott statue, which is all I really cared about. Caught an early ferry back to the mainland where in my sleep deprived hungover state had to listen to a crew of middle aged American tourists talk about Burger King the entire time. Really.

Next we went to Manchester, which was special to me as I was obsessed with Manchester as a kid. My favorite band when I was in grade 7 was the Happy Mondays. I also used to really want that Inspiral Carpets t-shirt with the cow that said “cool as fuck”, not that my mom would have let me wear it. Went on a bit of a tour around with our lovely friend Mel before the show and ended up drinking more than I probably should have, kinda blew it onstage. Oh well. Live and learn, or more like live and don’t learn. We went to a karaoke bar after where we literally had to act as human shields between our female friends and these extreme drunks. The shit heads would not take a hint or even a direct “fuck off." Like horny zombies… I thought I was gonna have to head butt someone. We saw one of these champs getting the shit beat out of him on the street by some woman he must have tried to feel up or something, we left just as the cops were pulling her off him.

Last night we played Bristol, the birth place of trip-hop. Remember that? I’ll admit that I own a couple Massive Attack CDs, and Portishead… actually, the new Portishead album is pretty good. Sometimes you just get in the mood to hear some “moody electronica," ok?

Anyway, it was a weird show, but maybe one of the funnest of the tour so far. You know you’re in for it when you get to the venue and it’s all tables and chairs with pictures of folk artists tastefully displayed on the walls. I’d have to say the average age of the crowd was somewhere between 38 and 65. There were at least 5 people there with white hair. Weird but fun, and people were surprisingly into it. Afterwards at the motel I got to watch my favorite TV show, Disorderly Conduct. That show is always on at every motel everywhere, I find it reassuring. Um, also, is the world ending? Like actually ending? The news is fucked, all the banks and stock markets are crashing, if I had any money I’d be really worried right now. I can smell whiffs of impending panic and chaos in the air. We are all going to die. Soon.

Posted: October 03, 2008
Ladyhawk’s European Vacation: Ladyhawk Barfs All Over The World, Part Four