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Freeload: Ruste Juxx f. Lil Vic, “Get Up”

October 10, 2008

Would you let a man named Ruste Juxx watch your children? No? Well, the jokes on you because he has children! And he loves them so much he lets them guest on his songs. And they reciprocate that love by staying on beat (a breakbeat no less) and somehow gully-ing up their voice for the occasion, especially impressive considering that we were probably still scared of long division at that age. Ruste (pronounced ruhs-tee) Juxx's debut Indestructible is available October 28th on Duck Down Records. Hello, Brooklyn.

Download: Ruste Juxx f. Lil Vic, "Get Up"

Posted: October 10, 2008
Freeload: Ruste Juxx f. Lil Vic, “Get Up”