Freeload: Diplo’s Radiohead Remixes

October 13, 2008

Diplo threw up two versions of his remix for the 'Head this weekend with a fair amount of explanation about unmastered leaks and re-remixes. About Version 2, he wrote:

…eventually i came up up with something else even.. i really like it too, a lil more clubworked in the end.. the originaly idea was to make the biggest drum break of all TIME! but then it got scarey.. so here is the tame kangaroo version

Download: Radiohead, "Reckoner (DIPLO REMIXMIXREMIXv.2)"

Download: Radiohead, "Reckoner (DIPLO REMIXMIXREMIXv.1)"

Posted: October 13, 2008
Freeload: Diplo’s Radiohead Remixes