Freeload: Proton’s Red & Purple Volume 1 Mixtape

October 14, 2008

We're still not sure what to do with the label "hipster rap" because, umm, it just sounds stupid. However, Jon Caramanica, in his recent New York Times story on this strain of rap, briefly touched on these dudes' and ladies' descendance from Kanye and Andre 3000. Kanye obviously birthed the Midwest scene that includes the Cool Kids, Cudi and company. But it wasn't until we heard this new mixtape by Atlanta's Proton that we were convinced of Three Stacks' primogenitor status. Larry and Kamikazbi aka Thomasan (or their publicist) describe their music as "the missing link between Southernplayalistic and ATLiens" on their MySpace bio, so it's not like we had to work too hard to figure that out. But even their own description sells them short—the original songs on Red & Purple are actually pretty unique. Plus, with the cast of friends and crew contributing on here, it seems like there's a nice, new little scene developing once again in Atlanta, which can never be a bad thing. Download the tape below and get the tracklist after the jump.

Proton's Red & Purple Volume 1 Mixtape

1. Passkey - Proton ft. Mykal Monroe and Vanity 6

2. Laptop - Proton

3. Freaks - Lil' Vicious ft. Doug E. Fresh

4. Juicy Fruit - Mtume

5. Magazine Dreams - Proton

6. Ice Cream - Raekwon ft. Ghostface and Method Man

7. Come Alive - Slick & Rose ft. Proton

8. Inside My Love - Minnie Riperton

9. The Bee RMX - Jessica Tonder ft. Proton

10. 1-900-HATE-PRO - Mykal Monroe

11. Because, Because - The Bird & The Bee ft. Proton

12. Blue Jay Way - The Beatles

13. Hot Sex On A Platter - A Tribe Called Quest

14. Playboy - Proton ft. Amanda Diva

15. Good Look - Proton

16. Roxanne - The Police

17. M.I.A Sh** - M.I.A ft. Proton

18. Ready To Go - Proton ft. Muffy

19. Kiss You Back - Digital Underground

20. Wait A Minute - Proton ft. Roxy Cottontail and Maggie Horn

21. Poison - Bel Biv Devoe

22. Feenin' - Jodeci

23. Candy - Cameo

24. Just Put It In My Mouth - Akinyele

25. Annie Mae (Sweet RMX) - Muffy ft. Kamikazbi

26. I Love My Baby So - Janelle Monáe ft. Proton

27. If I Love You Tonight - Gayle Chapman

28. Funky Ride - Outkast

29. Fade Away - Santogold ft. Proton

Posted: October 14, 2008
Freeload: Proton’s Red & Purple Volume 1 Mixtape