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Audio: Wild Yaks’ New EP

October 20, 2008

The first time we heard Wild Yaks we screamed along with them and threw chairs around the office. Then we calmed down and decided to do a Gen F on them in FADER Number 57. We'd only heard the four or five songs that kept on appearing in different iterations on their MySpace page, but it still seemed worth it. As if in perfect harmony with the release of FADER 57, Wild Yaks put together an EP that retains the brutal energy of their initial live recordings, but it's crisper so you can catch all the details, like the saxophone that sounds like a flock of geese. They've been giving the EP away for free at shows, but if you can't get to New York to buy one/get a free one, the entire thing is up on their MySpace to stream.

Stream: The New Wild Yaks EP

Posted: October 20, 2008
Audio: Wild Yaks’ New EP