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Freeload: We Just Listened to Four Mixtapes in a Row

October 29, 2008

The last time we actually sat down and listened to a bunch of mixtapes that all came out on the same day, we had a beautiful apartment in Manhattan, a carton of cigarettes cost a dollar and dudes actually still sold mixtapes on Canal Street. Now we share a wall-less storage space in Bushwick, beg loosies off publicists and get our songs one at a time. But yesterday reminded us a little bit of that ol' special feeling as Google Canal Street gave us a handful of new mixtapes from GLC, DG Yola, Charles Hamilton and that surprisingly crazy Jay-Z/Coldplay project from Mick Boogie, all of which we thoroughly enjoyed listening to in their entireties. Get them all below… we'll be downstairs buying two dollar rainbow keffiyehs.

Mick Boogie and Terry Urban present:

DJ Geno Presents GLC: I Ain’t Even On Yet The Mixtape
DJ Panic & DG Yola: Still Standing
Charles Hamilton: The L Word Mixtape

Freeload: We Just Listened to Four Mixtapes in a Row