Twenty-Four Hours to Go!

November 03, 2008

Maybe it's just us, but if we had to wait any longer than the roughly twenty-four hours that exist between now and our votes being cast, there might be some permanent mental damage. We are frazzled. We are frayed. We drift between absolute catatonia and manic anxiety. Don't get it wrong, we are excited to get out there and pull the lever, but we are almost equally excited to get back to freaking out about things other than who is running to run this great land of ours.

However, this past weekend provided quite a few choice election-related celebrity appearances, and we have collected them all in one post, starting with Jay-Z's appearance in Virginia for Obama above, to save time. Enjoy, and then go out and get your umbrellas, collapsible stools, reading material, energy foods, solar-powered personal media chargers, suitcase barbecues, jump ropes, changes of outfit, look-alike lineholders and hydration liquids because we don't want to see one single person drop off the line tomorrow.

Post-Election Sadlibs and Electoral Coloring Sheet from Sweee__t Zine
Bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley for Obama
McCain on SNL's Weekend Update
GOOD Magazine Presents: If Mos Def Were President
Video: Freeway, "Change"
Download: Q-Tip f. Barack Obama, "Shaka"

Posted: November 03, 2008
Twenty-Four Hours to Go!