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Freeload: F2 The New Folk Podcast

November 12, 2008

Yesterday, we launched the New Folk edition of F2, our quarterly online only magazine powered by Timberland. Today we have the audio podcast to accompany the text. If you've been wondering what Phosphorescent sounds like or what a Larkin Grimm is, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO KNOW. Download it now and listen to the sweet sounds of Mariee Sioux, Quinn Walker, The Entrance Band and more. It's the perfect soundtrack for your winter tapestry weaving project.


The Angels of Light, "Promise of Water"

Larkin Grimm, "Ride That Cyclone"

The Entrance Band, "Grim Reaper Blues"

Quinn Walker, "Wind Chimes"

Mariee Sioux, "Friendboats"

Phosphorescent, "Wolves"

Download: F2 The New Folk Podcast

Posted: November 12, 2008
Freeload: F2 The New Folk Podcast