Stylee Fridays: Mark Fast

November 14, 2008

In a Stylee Fridays segment a little while ago we featured the Fall '08 collection of designer Ioannis Dimitrousis, and talked a little about our soft spot for cobwebbed knitwear á la Dimitrousis and Rodarte. Mark Fast is another knitwear specialist that actually fell through our, erm, nets first time around, mostly because he just graduated from fashion school earlier this year and debuted his very first collection during London Fashion Week last month.

Originally from Canada, Fast's style is a touch more polished in many ways than the fairytale grunge-y looks that are in the stores right now, like this mauve sweater at Topshop. His style leans on the racier side of things, a kind of super sleek dancehall queen sexy (there are some entirely see-through pieces in his collection), dresses that could look just as at home in an old Patra video as they do slinking down the runway. We're all for the bodycon '90s references especially when they hark back to the era's masters—the likes of Azzedine Alaia—with a little flapper fringing detail to boot. How we keep our wobbly bits covered in a backless, sideless dress like this is an entirely different matter.

From The Collection:

Stylee Fridays
Posted: November 14, 2008
Stylee Fridays: Mark Fast