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FADER TV: Shop Talk at Pas De Deux

November 19, 2008

After impersonating our favorite style icons (Monday=Francoise Hardy day, Tuesday=Bianca Jagger day, etc etc), our favorite pastime in the style department is probably shopping. But shopping is a lot more fun when you have a shop expert to help navigate the shelves/racks. Luckily our favorite stores are filled with lots of such specialists, all of whom know their German deadstock from their North American vintage.

Eddy Chai and Paul Birardi, the founders of Odin are slowly making an unofficial stylee row of E11th street between 1st and 2nd avenue. After Den comes Pas De Deux (that's literally French for "Step of Two, " but if you know your ballet lingo, it's basically dance speech for partner dancing), their new women's boutique that opened up a couple of months ago. The new women's store is just as perfectly edited as Odin, so all the girlfriends that used to take their boyfriends on shopping trips next door will be happy forevermore. The shop is a gorgeous jewel of a walk-in closet, something that could be the set of a Wes Anderson movie. We were lucky enough to have the lovely Amy, who used to work at Odin and recently made the switch, guide us through all the lady stuff that ought to be in our winter wardrobes right now.

Posted: November 19, 2008
FADER TV: Shop Talk at Pas De Deux