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RCRD LBL: Gentle Friendly, “Ride Around Shining”

November 20, 2008

After spending 3+ months with an assortment of Gentle Friendly songs, our favorite thing about them is how they take a bunch of weird noises—lasers, flutes, shitty drum machines—and turn the whole mess into exuberant songs. RCRD LBL has the all-new "Ride Around Shining" for download. It sounds absolutely nothing like the Clipse song of the same name but does make us want to go have drinks with some friends and maybe play laser tag. The song is from Gentle Friendly's upcoming 7-inch, out next Monday, which is apparently the new release date for music. Also, we did a Q+A with them once.

Download: Gentle Friendly, "Ride Around Shining"

Posted: November 20, 2008
RCRD LBL: Gentle Friendly, “Ride Around Shining”