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Freeload: Wavves, “Wavves”

November 21, 2008

We spent the first part of the morning talking-slash-reminiscing about early California skate culture, and then, as if by Thanksgiving miracle, Wavves' self-titled album crossed our desks. We put it on the stereo and replaced every archival copy of The FADER with old issues of Thrasher. In FADER 47 our former E-I-C Alex Wagner wrote that No Age "sound like they were recorded in someone's butthole." Gross, but accurate and awesome and Thrasher-ish in tone. We bring it up because Wavves pretty much do the same thing, except their "butthole" is the scummy bottom of some dude's drained backyard pool in 1981. Before we go any further down that metaphorical road, download "Wavves" below, buy the album (on Woodsist) next week, and go back to this post to download "So Bored" if you haven't already.

Download: Wavves, "Wavves"

Posted: November 21, 2008
Freeload: Wavves, “Wavves”