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On the Street: Outdoors on the Inside

November 24, 2008

Sometimes it's so cold outside that we're inclined to wear our outdoorsy accessories indoors—woolen scarves, gloves, hats, mittens as well as a laundry bin of other accessories. In the endless putting-on and taking-off of all this additional stuff, we mourn our stray fingerless gloves and beanie hats that invariably will go missing. We'd say about 20% of all accessories purchased end up lost or in mismatched purgatory each winter—quel horreur!! The trick is to style your outerwear and innerwear in tandem, like this young lady (no lost and found business), so you never have to worry about remembering it all at the end of the night.

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On The Street
Posted: November 24, 2008
On the Street: Outdoors on the Inside