Photo: Election Day in New York City

November 05, 2008

A little over twenty-four hours ago, this country elected a youthful, Harvard-educated black man, who listens to the same music we do, as its 44th president. Since then, we have consciously turned The FADER blog into a reflection of our appreciation of and excitement about that fact because, honestly, we weren't totally confident that it could happen until it did. We hope you have not come here expecting our regular mix of music and cultural ephemera and been disappointed by our doing so, but we feel, and have always felt that our magazine and our site is about more than just music. The FADER is also about our lives and your lives, and right now, we can't think of anything we'd rather talk or write about or take pictures of than the joy and pride we feel personally and have seen in others in our city over the last couple of days. We will return to posting music and videos and stories from each issue, but we might also change things up around here. Hopefully, you'll be into it. Feel free to let us know either way.

As an epilogue to our coverage of Barack Obama's epic victory, we have collected some of our photos and a couple videos from the celebrations around New York City on election night. Some are our amateur shots from the impromptu block party in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and others are FADER photo coordinator John Francis Peter's moving images of New Yorkers watching Obama win in Times Square and Harlem. We hope they make you feel as good as we do.

Fort Greene

Times Square


Posted: November 05, 2008
Photo: Election Day in New York City