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Audio: Wavves, “Here’s to the Sun”

December 01, 2008

The first thing that comes to mind when listening to Wavves is how there is a whole lot of melody hidden behind blown amplifier fuzz. It's like dude thinks great pop songs are meant to be unlistenable. Lucky for us, the guitar crust only adds to the appeal of the one man band. Like getting shitty beer stuck in your teenage mustache, or spending too much time in the ocean and then not showering afterward, Wavves make us feel sort of gross, but still pretty good too, which is actually how we imagine the dude in the drawing up above feels every time he wakes up. Listen to "Here's to the Sun" below, it's from Wavves' self-titled release, and it's out now on Woodsist.

Wavves, "Here's to the Sun"

Posted: December 01, 2008
Audio: Wavves, “Here’s to the Sun”