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Video/Freeload: B.O.B., “Auto Tune”

December 04, 2008

Now that autotune has become not only the biggest moneymaker in music, but also the hugest in-joke, it was only a matter of time until B.O.B. put together a budget video of him using autotune to do a song making fun of autotune. The whole thing kind of backfired, because B.O.B. actually sounds really good rapping with vocal effects. Anti-robot voice bloggers, don't start typing your rants just yet! We're not asking for an entire album's worth of songs with a robot B.O.B. or anything, it just means that we think there is still room for autotune experimentation. There is also room for B.O.B. to get some new posters so his studio will look less like a dorm room.

Download: B.O.B., "Auto Tune"

Posted: December 04, 2008
Video/Freeload: B.O.B., “Auto Tune”