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Freeload: Friend, “Black Keys (Demo)”

December 05, 2008

Last summer, when we put up his laid back jam, "Dreams," London-based graphic artist and bedroom producer Friend was a complete unknown with a mere two songs and one remix to his credit. Four months later, he has THREE SONGS! And the new one is so crazily different from the other two that we actually aren't sure if it should be talked about in the same post. "Dreams" and "Secret" were definitely of the disco revival, but "Black Keys" is a synth-sitar/steel drum/pan flute siesta epic and, if we're correct, dude sings on it, something we weren't aware he could do. We asked Friend aka Jesse Kanda what was going on and he said, "I am acquiring some new instruments soon so hopefully I can take my music where I want it to go.." Keep going to this place, Friend.

Download: Friend, "Black Keys (Demo)"

Posted: December 05, 2008
Freeload: Friend, “Black Keys (Demo)”