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Freeload: Los Fancy Free, “Money Money Money”

December 05, 2008

Our old pal/FADER/Pitchfork/RCRD LBL/his private diary contributor David Bevan just put up three new songs from Los Fancy Free, one of the focal points of his story on Mexico City Rock which ran FADER Number 51. We're picking "Money Money Money" as the go-to for obvious reasons of current relevance and also because it's just the best. Pick up the other two, one of which is a Dire Straits cover, at the link below, and if you're in Mexico, check them out at El Chango in Cuauhtitlan on Sunday night.

Download: Los Fancy Free, "Money Money Money"

Posted: December 05, 2008
Freeload: Los Fancy Free, “Money Money Money”