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Audio: Erup, “Mek Noise”

December 18, 2008

"Click, click, click..." That is the sound of us (still) clicking our fingers to Erup's jamtacular "Click Mi Finga," which we can now hear at random points during daytime radio courtesy of Hot97. Since "Click Mi Finga" first dropped we'd heard great things about Erup, but we're just now stumbling on "Mek Noise," the latest in the Truck Back Records arsenal. So far we've only been able to get a hold of the clean version, but that's fine cause we can sneak it into our holiday party mixes and even play it in front of the likkle yutes.

Erup, "Mek Noise"

Posted: December 18, 2008
Audio: Erup, “Mek Noise”